Bitter Sweet #06 Memories in Architects Life – Professor Mohammad Danisworo

Dear Restless Spirits,

We are gonna hold another Bittersweet session. On Bittersweet, an acclaimed architecture practitioner will share you their stories, of how they manage to be on top of the ladder. Not only their sweet episodes, but moreover, their struggles and fights to achieve the success, shall be disclosed.

Prof. Mohammad Danisworo was born in Semarang, April 2, 1938. He received his Bachelor degree from Bandung Institute of Technology in 1965. Following his study, Danisworo received a Master degree at the University of California, USA, in 1966. Unsatisfied of his knowledge in the field of urban planning, he has himself another Master degree (with Urban Design certificate) in the Urban Planning Department at the University of Washington in 1982. He was vice president of Encona Engineering until 1997. In 1994, he established PSUD (Pusat Studi Urban Desain). He is the founder and principal of PDW. He also is professor at ITB and TU Delft.

His works span mostly as monumental public buildings, e.g. Ngurah Rai Airport Complex as well as Gambir and Monas Development. Another masterpiece of him is the now-demolished Kemayoran airport which was planned in order to improve the welfare of Jakartans. He takes into consideration in the importance of working people in both formal and informal sectors, motorists and pedestrians; into the comfortable distance between buildings. Therefore, he adds a point of interest that was uninterruptedly given, and also sidewalks in the width of 10 m in which shady trees were planted. All of us is privileged to learn his 51 years experience, 5 decade experience of Indonesian architecture.

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This lecture will be held in OMAH Library this Saturday, 18th June 2016 at 16.00PM. Please be there on time, since we need to give the speaker his due. Mr. Danisworo will truly be blessing us with his time and effort preparing the whole lecture. Let’s learn and be inspired!

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