Architecture Pilgrimage Trip Public Invitation: Semarang Short Trip

Morning Restless Spirits!

The last weekend we visited Semarang in our Architecture Pilgrimage Trip. It was a very short trip, yet we managed to visited numerous places and important buildings with the help of friends in Semarang.

We had visited;
– Masjid Agung Jawa Tengah

We had a accidental encounter with this building as we are, sort of speak, impulsively wandered at 3 AM in the morning after we arrived in Tawang Railway Station. The taxi driver brought us to a small road, which confuse me for a second, because we thought a huge Mosque should exposed in a bigger road. But turns out, the Mosque is indeed huge, and beautiful as well. As the dawn comes, a beautiful sunrise horizons in Semarang gently welcomed us.

– Apotek Sputnik (by Oei Tjong An)
Greeted by friends from Semarang, we had our breakfast and went off to Apotek Sputnik. Thought to be designed by Oei Tjong An, Apotek Sputnik was not actively an apotek (healthcare or medicine market/pharmacy centre) anymore, as it was took over by the current owner. A positive discussion, accompanied by Realrich Sjarief, could turns out to what would become a fresh hope for the building itself, and of course, young architects in Semarang.

– Heinz Frick’s Residence (by himself)
A name we probably saw all over the library. A house built by Heinz Frick for himself and his family are a thoughtful and somewhat experimental. Built over a unique soil structure with a hard characteristic (cadas), Heinz Frick consciously aware of this and experimented on did a structure focused on compressive force, by stacking the core structure with minimal beams, just like buliding with rocks. Not just that, but he also aware with all of his material choices and other climate-friendly design features.

– Mr. K (former Swimming Centre, by Lim Bwan Tjie)
A former swimming pool centre, now a complex of restaurants, bars, and cafe’. The original buildings and pool were almost untraceable, unfortunately.

– Revahouse (by RSI)
Greeted by Revano Satria himself, he shared how his house design were formed. He tried a different approaches as he strife for simplicity, something that he thought might be very special. The idea of unity, to not separates the rooms by walls is to enhances a public ambience, creating a sense of belonging as there were minimal privacy. A lively discussion, he elaborated the topic as we were listen to his story of becoming an architect in the present context. Thank you Mr. Revano!

– Komunitas Orat-oret
Our day continued as we were all took a sip coffee in and discussed the historical sites in Semarang, the impact of Lim Bwan Jie and co. and how it relates to Jengki (a unique kind of roofing structures). Another productive night, as we were again, welcomed by Komunitas Orat-oret.

– Semawis, Semarang old ChinaTown
A legendary Chinatown, it was Saturday nights, so it was swarmed by people. The sound of Chinese karaoke and people buzzed around, accompanied our dinner.

– Komunitas Hysteria
The last but not least, Gifari, known as Ondang, brought us to his place, Hysteria workshop. A group of young artist and think thank gathered here and shown their determination on making a difference. Well, always best luck Hysteria!

We have to thank you Andre Wijanarko Gifari Cholis @DuarteSalvador @Marthian Sularso Hasan Abd and all of our fellow restless spirits in Semarang.

Till next time guys!

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