Yesterday, we had done our fourth course, design of good performance functional design for each typology by rigorous analytic design (Design Method). “Programming is a problem seeking process while designing is a problem solving”
We couldn’t solve the problem without understanding our problem conciously. According to the HOK Problem Seeking guideline, there are 5 steps in understanding the design problem for every building typology.
1. Establish the goals of the design.
2. Collect & analyze the facts.
3. Uncover and analyze concepts.
4. Determine the needs.
5. State problem.

Though exercise the problem, we might consider function, form, economy, and time. Thus, each typology of building and each client have a very specific purpose. As an architect, we should collect the data clearly before we continue to the design process. That’s why feasibility studies are very important for architect to make their design works better

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