Journey To The East: Lecture 5: Adi Purnomo

Material consciousness, as he described is a very important and essential in practising architecture.Starting from the initial part in designing project, we must know what are the things we want to build and there’s point that we must think about; what are the characteristic that would support that place, and the correlation with the materials chosen.

For example, Salihara’s Theater. The theater has correlation with acoustic, so to support that we must know what the materials that we must chosen.Materials have impact to cost, so sometimes we must think the relation between chosen materials and budget. Creativity should develop in the process and give a unique building expression.

The project to design one commercial building in Bali, called Petitenget called for a different purpose. This time, Mamo choose Brick as his main focal point. Just as Salihara’s theater, he come up with one question “i’ve choosen brick, therefore what could brick will express in this very present time?”

The exploration of the form rooted to its very core in the way how it constructed, what method were used, etc. He described it as an expression to define the time. The way it played, Mamo told that he himself learn a lot from the workers in this very process, which is a very positive dialogue. He innovated the arrangement of bricks, he develop something fresh in visualization. For air circulation, the arrangement of brick create a random gaps. But, all of that, have consequence; time, cost, and craftsmanship
The discussion led to a interseting discussion about the current position of architects in the aspect of craftmanships, as workers oftenly more skilled therefore they actually embrace the practice side of architects. (In the past, the term architects, is a term of practices, the art of builders).

Well, Mamo responded calm and clear, he expressed his ignorance in those kind of debate, as he felt that the two needs to be embraced as one, the architects (which accomplished in a certain educational degree), hold more responsibility towards the design/output. They should know better about all the responsibiliy related to the clients.

In the end, Materiality, related to the term of “craftsmanships” should be a positive notion. A opportunity to take the Indonesian Architecture to a different heights. Keep up the spirits everyone and see you all on another short course