Architecture Pilgrimage Trip Public Invitation: Laurie Baker Legacy In Kerala

We got an interesting invitation for you Restless Spirits!
Remember Laurie Baker? One of the Master we learnt from, just several weeks earlier.. Now we invite you to actually come to see and feel the works of the Grandmaster itself, straight to INDIA! ~
In collaboration with Laurie Baker Centre for Habitat Study and COSTFORD in India, we will take a short trip together through the excellence of Laurie Baker works, which primarily took place in the town of Trivandrum, Kerala, South India.
In a span of three-days, we will visit his work and masterpieces, such as Central Development Studies, Loyola Chapel, Indian Coffee House, and a lot more (you can google all the works if you miss our “learning from the masters” session)
The Architecture Pilgrimage Trip, as we call it, is an event organised by OMAH for every Restless Spirits to truly experiencing the architectural space. Not only visiting them, we sometimes collaborate with certain locals or other organisations to do several activities such as collecting data projects, discussion, workshops, etc.
We will collaborating with Laurie Baker Centre for Habitat Studies and COSTFORD (Centre of Science and Technology for Rural Development), both of the organisations above were created by former students, admirers of Laurie Baker to spread his influence and philosophy in sustainable development philosophy.
So what are you waiting for??
RATE IDR 5.000.000 (rate can change depending on tickets fare so join ASAP)
*ITINERARY: (to be updated)
Join us in a trip to feel the Master’s work through our own experience! Laurie Baker may inspire us all, well… he did already, didn’t he??
*for registration, you can fill our registration form
*for more Information, you can just comment on this section or you can simply ask us.
CP: Rezki – 087780495420

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