Journey To The East: Lecture 4: Tiyok Prasetyoadi

We have learnt about sustainability in Indonesian Architecture from Pak Tiyok. What kind of Indonesian architecture? He focuses on contemporary architecture. There are many point we must notice when designing green building, such as energy consumption, about water, materials, etc.
In this lecture he emphasized on materials. Nowadays, technology advancement introduce many new varieties and inovations in materials. As architects, we must know all the substance and process to produce materials, modul and construction standards, and markets, before decides materials you’ll use for project. And for large scale project, we must collaborate with the expert consultant. Ideally, they must take part from the beginning till the end of project, if we want our design to be truly green.
To create sustainable building, we often spend more cost in the beginning (to involve expert consultant and choose good quality of materials). But that will be paid off when the building can be operated with low cost and low maintenance fee too. Of course, the difficulties to communicate with the client is our responsibility.
Communication is one of the key points.
About green certification, Pak Tiyok said the certification is a communication tool that can help us deliver a messages to client, furthermore it also a standard to measure our design quality. So, it’s not just about prestige.
On the other side, Pak Tiyok also talk about vernacular architecture and local material which have a potential to be a good green materials, such as bamboo. While Bamboo still mainly use in conventional buildings with traditional manner, it has the potential to be a widely used materials for modern constructions if we enhance the quality of this materials and create the market.