Public Lecture #23 – Architecture Survival Guide

Hi Restless Spirits, we will present another sharing session on this weekend .See this information about our public lecture entitled “Architecture Survival Guide”.

Public Lecture: Architect Survival Guide.
There were many questions among ourself, among young designer, fresh graduates, and students in the last sound of OMAH discussion : Finding the Little Prince.

Are you graduated from architecture degree?
Do you still want to be an architect?
Why do you choose an architect as your future profession?
What is your dream in this profession?
Do all the things you dream previously has been reached?
How is the journey in your practice as a young architectural designer?

OMAH is gladly hosting new continuous lecture after the discussion about the Little Prince. The lecture is about sharing the kit to survive as an architect with sharing principles by not considering any luck at all, the principle is elaborated based on common questions in the previous discussions among fresh graduates :

How to be an architect,
How much should I get paid?
How to get your income as an architect?
Are we left behind than other East Asian countries in term of wage, especially Singapore?
How to get your first client?
And how to set your design fee?
How to survive, maintaining the cash flow of your own expense?

Then, this lecture: Architecture Survival Guide will be the introduction of 2 streams that is introduced by OMAH, the first is stream critic, and stream design.

The first critic stream one elaborates our thinking side as an architect, and the second, stream design elaborates our capabilities in practice as an architect. Two of them is combined become the heart of the architect. It’s not a heroic story about star architects, idols, or just a hypocrisy of how great we are, many people have said that, it’s about survival as an architects, elaboration of set of skill,

Little prince is the story of the little prince to find the roses which something that you really passionate about and about himself as well. The little prince journey can be similar with the journey of – architects – who find a strange way in our design practice and workplace. Architects usually have a strong idealism and encountering so many unexpected circumstances. Who we are, what has been done, how wishful thinking us to be confronted with the question of what, who, and in which we poured it all and able to directing us to be positive. The answers to these questions are sometimes answered well by the time. This is where persistence determination and ideals needed.

Please register by sending us an email on this subject: “Survival”. Let us know your full name, affiliation and phone number (shall we need to contact you on the day). We’ll be glad if you have you register as early as you can.This lecture will be held in OMAH Library this Saturday, 20th February 2016 started at 10.00 WIB. Presented by Realrich Sjarief. Let’s talk about it and please come on time!

About the Lecturer :

Realrich Sjarief received his bachelor degree from Insitute Technology of Bandung. In the year 2007, he worked for Foster and Partners in London after worked for DP Architects and Urbane Indonesia. Then, he went to University of New South Wales, Australia to pursue his master degree in Urban Design and Development. In 2011 he joined Department Architecture in Universitas Pelita Harapan. In 2011 Realrich established RAW Architecture and has been practicing as an architect. Some of known RAW’s work is National Gallery of Indonesia, Bare Minimalist and Akanaka at Jakarta. He established OMAH Architecture Library in 2015, and now he is the advisor of OMAH Architecture Library, and maintaining his guest lecturer work at University Pelita Harapan.


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