Journey To The East : lecture 2 : Setiadi Sopandi

Understanding The Needs To Understand Indonesian Traditional Architecture

This is our second session on “Journey to The East”. Setiadi Sopandi aka Cungs talked about his research perspective on how we should look and understand traditional architecture.

Pak Cung presents new point of view. Once more, he’s not give any answer in this lecture. Instead, he gave away questions to open the discussion to understand what traditional architecture is, such as; Is our traditional architecture never encounter any changes? What is the limit or border between traditional architecture and modern architecture? Isn’t a modern architecture will gradually become a traditional architecture at some time? Other than that, we also invited to view the architecture history objectively without affected by political border. Even today, in the era of globalization, history is not always about the past, but also all about the present and the future, it’s all in the scope of history. This lecture left behind a feeling of doubt, but at the same time give a sight of reference and case study, as a guide for time traveler geeks.

We are extremely happy to welcome you to OMAH Library. So, stay tuned on our short course session, keep digging the knowledge restless spirits!