Journey to The East: Lecture 3: Avianti Armand

Avianti talked about her perspective on how contemporary; as a concept, should be percieved. It’s not just about a style nor a statement, but more about how we would care to assess our surrounding, relevant issues.

Contemporary in Indonesian Architecture broaden in context. Depending on the issue that applied, architecture should be a solution from the problems itself. Therefore, Avianti said that if we want to talk contemporary architecture (In Indonesia), architecture should be viewed as it’s process, as an activity, not as a mere product.

An activity that impactful to the existing nature, not just for specific client (specifica clientele), but for the greater cause. Contemporary means everything that has been going on this part of time. Architecture that responds well for the cause of “this time” can be categorised as contemporary architecture. Well, Indonesia got a lot of those movements.

Not only that, the discussions led to Avianti stated the good in criticism, the possible advantages on how one should be criticised for the better. She stated that if there aren’t critics for architecture, architecture become a dead object, a mere product.