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Today we did a round table discussion entitled finding the little prince. Here are some points from the contributor we highlighted.
To be an architect, we need to find out deep into our personality, understanding our self more than the knowledge that we’ve got from the academic degree. There are many various constraints we need to prepare. We should know which way of architectural practice we want in the next phase of our career.
Also, we shared about our responsibility in our own office from many different fields of practice – architecture, project management, and urban designer. We have many different problems and met many different people in our working life, we get valuable reason in the end of it.

We have different expectation and happiness from what we did. Either we solved a complex problem or simple but we got appreciation from it. We can expand our self-potential if we work deep into it.

In the end, we have a responsibility to realize what we said today. We have to find out what is the important things to us that make us hold it closely. A dream that we want to catch. Like a rose for the little prince 🙂 *Click the link below to see what the Restless Spirits say about this discussion! You might find your writings! Stay Tuned on OMAH smile emoticon

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