In 26th January, we shared Miftahuddin Nurdayat post about Alejandro Aravena that generate interesting comments and discussions Finally, we all met this morning.
We have watched Aravena’s TED talk video, we then know Aravena’s method further, this is a continuity for our facebook discussion about Aravena’s statement that “Architect are never taught the right thing” and participatory design. In architecture school we never talk about social and economic even though it has a very close relation to architecture. Aravena has given a new direction in Pritzker Prize award.

We talk about architecture without architect and architecture community which not only of the members are architect. Maybe, they appear because the architect just solved partial problems, not holistically. They fill the crack, contributes, and gives direct solution. So, where are their positions?
Then the discussion expanding, we talked about branding, regulation, license, and liability too. Reza Ambardi and Edward Harjanto share their experiences in Singapore. Pak Djuhara and Pak David whom took time to visit us also share their experiences and give us new perspective. After that we continue our discussion to share our bittersweet experiences as fresh graduates entitled “Finding The Little Prince”, which is no less exciting. Keep digging the knowledge! See you next Saturday guys! *Click the link below to see what the Restless Spirits say about this discussion! You might find your writings! Stay Tuned on OMAH smile emoticon

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