Bitter Sweet #04 Memories in Architects Life – Gregorius Supie Yolodi

As young architects, we often have a desire for an adventure. We wanted to explore what we studied in college, coming to a new place, adapts to new environment, local or international, observes new things and have fun on making mistakes. The youngster often get lost and forget their responsibilities towards the future. The others of them precisely were drowned in fears about the future, forgetting their ships that maybe will anchored in the beautiful island. We will gather again for another Bittersweet session, an events that accomplished practitioner will tell you their stories climbing to the top of the ladder. Not only their sweet journeys that will be told, but moreover, their struggles and fights to achieve the success. This time, another architects, founder of D- Associates, Gregorius Supie Yolodi will share his experiences. D-Associates known as one of the leading architectural firms in Indonesia, their practice has emerged as a consistent figure within the architectural scenes of Indonesia through the first decade of the 21st century as demonstrated through a range of carefully detailed material experimentations and meticulously executed architectural projects. A wide range of recognitions of their architectural trajectories is evidenced in a number of prestigious architectural awards and design accolades they received consecutively between 2008 and 2012. Gregorius Supie Yolodi born in Jakarta, graduated in Architectural Engineering Major from Parahyangan Catholic University in 1998. Had internship in Grahacipta Hadiprana in 1997. In the span of two years worked as project architect in Triaco Bali and partner in Tjipta Nuansa Kreasitama. Until finally in 2001, he established his own practice D-Associates with partner Maria Rosantina in 2003. Please register by sending us an email under this subject: “Bittersweet4” to Let us know your full name, affiliation and phone number (shall we need to contact you on the day). Please come on time because we have to appreciate the speaker who will be putting his time and effort preparing the whole lecture. There are only 25 seats, so register as early as you can. This lecture will be held in OMAH Library this Saturday, 23 January 2016 at 10AM. Let’s learn and be inspired!

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