Alpha Book Soft Launch

It’s been a year, we did some series of lectures, discussions, sharing sessions, and competition. We know that not all of you had the chance to share together with us this year. We’ve been documented, compiled, record all of the events it in a book.

We call it Alpha (α). It is the first letter of the Greek alphabet that has a value of 1. The titled represented ambigramatically. Ambigram is a symbolic representation of a word, which could retain its meaning when viewed or interpreted from a different perspective or orientation. OMAH itself is an ambigram, who should retain its true meaning and purpose when viewed by a lot of different point of views and perspectives. Alpha (α) as an ambigram means the one which marks the beginning of a series, initiation for a universal purpose. A book for everyone.

We gladly welcome all of you, to Alpha Book Soft Launching on Sunday, 17th January 2016 at 10.00 am.

Not only that, we will also welcome our dear friends to talk about their journey to another side of the world, so make sure you join us to enjoy the moments! smile emoticon

Please kindly send email with subject “ALPHA” to for RSVP.

Together, we could share and enrich ourselves for a better architecture in the future. Keep digging the knowledge restless spirits. See you on Sunday!

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