Critique and Design Stream

OMAH gladly invited restless spirit to join our architecture stream, there are two architecture stream : Stream Critic and Stream Design. The stream is designed for the young architect who has experience 1 – 3 years in architecture. The objective is to help the young architect to understand the deeper layer of architecture, the thought and the practice.

– Education-practice hub
– Education hub
– Digesting Architecture
– Critical in appreciating architecture.

To prepare a good, critical, and sharp mindset of young architect/designer that mature in theoretical and practical knowledge in their everyday praxis.

In one year each of participant/team should demonstrated their understanding through:
– (Design stream) Design project
– (Architectural Critic Stream) book Publication/Exhibition

During the process of this, each team/participant will be supervised and accompanied by appointed mentor.

1. Each participant should register to OMAH for the program stream: Design / Architectural critic.
2. Each participant should attend compulsory class minimum 1 bittersweet class, 1 architecture discussion, and 1 learning from master class provided by OMAH for each semester.

1. To understand technical aspect of architectural design (MEP, Structural, and Building Physic) and how how these aspects contribute in design quality.
2. To understand how good programming will lead to a good performance functional design.
3. To be able to demonstrate a good understanding of comprehensive design approach in particular typology of architecture projects.
4. to understand the value of each architecture finishes, the selection of material based on its durability, ease of maintenance, surface.

1.To understand logic and variety of architectural critic writing.
2.To understand relationship between architectural discourse and architectural practice.
3.To be able to conduct a preliminary research to write an architectural critic.
4. To be able to demonstrate to conduct/to write an exhibition/publication that has a critical curation

The class will be held every 2 weeks in 6 elaborate sessions in OMAH Architecture Library Beta where is located at Pulau Ayer 2 no. 7. There will be 2 semester. The first semester is about the learning from the session with mentor, the second semester is about executing the projects by workshop with several professionals with mentorship system. Stream Design consists of 6 elaborative meeting, 1 design project to be exercised, by hand which will be exhibited, and published.

The course will start on 27th of February 2016 – one semester of 6 class in one semester will cost IDR 250.000,- or 25 USD, we have studied the costing of the course to make it affordable for the young architect in Indonesia joining the stream. In total we will have 2 semesters in one year.

1. All participants must satisfy English and Indonesian language proficiency, because of general text book given is in English.
2. All participants must fill in the form
3. All participants will be selected and interviewed if it is needed, because the seat is limited to 15 people per-stream.
4. All participants is committed to finished full 2 semester course, because of time and effort by lecturer and administrator and the willingness to build good practice on appreciating architecture.
5. Participant is only allowed to join one course : critic or design because of the capacity