Bittersweet Memories in Design Experience: Budi Pradono

We have learnt from Budi Pradono, the person behind Budi Pradono Architects, a well-known architecture studio in Indonesia. Budi Pradono shared how was life story affected his whole journey on creating his own practice.

Started by how his childhood experiences, Budi Pradono brought us into his memory lane. He gave us a glimpse on how his perspective of doing architecture actually inspired by this story of his early life.

Through his difficulties and struggles in school and his adventure in Australia. Budi Pradono showed us that the most important aspect on how he survived the stream of obstacles is to never stop learning and DO-ing things that we felt we could. We should never underestimate ourselves. Luck is truly a readiness when opportunity comes, Budi Pradono’s way of life had become a solid evident of those.

Inspired by Tadao Ando’s journeys, Budi Pradono did love to travel the world, to study and learning from the master itself, therfore his studio Budi Pradono Architects (BPA) holds a unique perspective on how they perceive their work. From his story, it turns out that his experience when he was with Beverley Garlick Architects and Kengo Kuma, have fused into one big attitude for his studio.

His exploration in details and its significant attention to the site’s surrounding makes the whole point of BPA’s output in terms of their designs. He also stated the importance of maquette and 3d models in practice realm.

This discussion once again proved how one man experiences and sturdiness could actually gave birth into leading a professional, full-packed groups of unique skilled individuals. Also, one should actually fights the realm of fear to exceeds their talents. Well, Thank you Budi Pradono for your sharing, congratulation on Clay CIty, and we wishes all the best for BPA!