Sounds of OMAH #06 – Which One Is Architecture?

In this age of computer, do you think architects still need to draw? Do you question why we need to write in order to graduate? If you do, you may as well ask which one is to be called architecture.

Looking back to history, we shall admit that Adolf Loos, more than due to his buildings, is famous for his “Ornament is a crime.” And Mies’ “Less is more” is even more echoing than his first building The Riehl House (<– google this one!) Then you name it, Archigram, CIAM, even Le Corbusier, Phillip Johnson, Rem Koolhaas, etc. etc.; How did and do they architect?

In this lecture brought by Fernisia, one of housekeepers of OMAH, we will scrutinize the other media of architecture, which are the tools those architects use to shape their students, clientele, and the world..


We gladly welcome you to this talk on Sunday, June12, at 3-5 PM. Please register by emailing us you name, phone number, and affiliation under the subject: Medium. See you there all! ;D

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