Learning From The Master #8 – Robert Venturi

Learning from The Thinkers : Robert Venturi

“I am for richness of meaning rather than clarity of meaning.” Robert Venturi
3rd of May 2015, OMAH kindly present the first class for learning from the thinkers.
“Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture” in 1966, described in the introduction by Vincent Scully to be, “…probably the most important writing on the making of architecture since Corbusier’s Vers une Architecture of 1923… Venturi’s position seems exactly the opposite of Corbusier’s.” Venturi is also known by his words, “Less is a bore”, a postmodern antidote to Mies van der Rohe’s famous modernist dictum “Less is more”. In his gentle manifesto, he said, “Architects can no longer afford to be intimidate by the puritanically moral langunge of orthodox modern architecture.”

the essential questions would be :
What brought him into tension with modernity?
How does he contribute to postmodernism?
How anti-heroic, skeptical, fragmented, ambiguous Robert Venturi think?
How far it influence his work?

Ten point of Complexity and contradiction will discuss:
1. Non straightforward Architecture : A Gentle Manifesto
2. Complexity and Contradiction vs. Simplification or Picturesqueness
3. Ambiguity
4. Contradictory Levels: The Phenomenon of “Both-And” in Architecture
5. Contradictory Levels Continued: The Double-Functioning Element
6. Accommodation and the Limitations of Order: The Conventional Element
7. Contradiction Adapted
8. Contradiction Juxtaposed
9. The Inside and the Outside
10. The obligation Toward the Difficult Whole

This class will be hosted by Gregorius Gerard who graduated from UNTAR architecture. He works in OMAH and try to be an architect.

We gladly welcome all of the restless spirits to join all the lectures on 3rd of May 2015 at 10.00 am, and to exchange ideas and thoughts about the topics. This free short course will only provide 25 seats maximum [because of the limited space in one small building] ; Please kindly send email to omahlibrary.reservation@gmail.com for RSVP.

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