Public Lecture #10 – Woman In Architecture

Omah Architecture Library in conjunction with student union of Architecture department Insitut Teknologi Bandung (IMA Gunadharma), diskas , and co & co, 2nd floor Jl. DIpati Ukur No. 5 Bandung gladly invite you to come to our venue in Bandung titled Women in Architecture, presented by Himasari Hanan and Sarah Ginting, moderated by Yoga Adi Santoso.

The first speaker, Himasari Hanan, Ir. (ITB), M.Arch.Eng (KU Leuven), Dr.-Ing (Kassel), is a lecturer from ITB Architecture, head of history, theory, and critics in architecture lab ITB, she is also a guest lecturer in master of architecture ITB program, now she is member of advisory board URDI, member of CLGI (Centre for Local Governement Innovation).

The second speaker Sarah Ginting is principal of SAGI (Sarah Ginting) Architects, she graduated from Universitas Katolik Parahyangan in 1996 for Bachelor Degree, and went for Master of Advanced Architectural Design in Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, London. She has won numerous award in design competition, national and international. She also has close relationship with many talented, and prolific artist in Indonesia.

Himasari Hanan will discuss several key issues in History of Women in Architecture which expand few points of thinking, about gender issue has been discussed since a long time ago, and the problem now is this issue still take a part on why female leaves architecture?, and the issue that we need to understand history of women’s role in architecture history.

– Discussion about Gender Performance
It is not a secret that most well-known architect is a male. Or to put it simply, profession of architecture is dominated by male. However, the number of female architecture students is dominating the number of males, and has grown every year ever since years ago. So where are they? It is not that they are not qualified as an architect, in fact some of them are the best student in an architecture school. The thing is, the reality starts when you graduate from school, and that is where most of the female architect leave. Some of the reason that has been researched and most of the reason is the harshness of the architecture world towards a female architect such as long working hours, low payment, high stress, tend to be ‘sexist’ ,and Inflexibility on motherhood. But, gender issue has been discussed since a long time ago, and the problem now is this issue still take a part on why female leaves architecture?

– A History of Women’s Role Development
Women’s roles in architecture have been documented on some different way as a professional or amateur practitioners, educators, and clients. According to the fact that architecture field had become a male-dominated one, percentage of women in architecture has quickly fallen for the past few years. Although recently their contributions have been largely unnoticed, women have in fact exerted a fair amount of influence on architecture over the past century. When searching the reason for the current situation, it is better to look back how far women have come and where we go from there.

Sarah Ginting will discuss several key issues in Architecture Practice, which might be personal, would be reasons behind the decision to stay and the works done to arise in a male-dominated industry, and as conclusion that unique architecture, in product and process which then can be seen in the gentle, soft touch in solving the design problem.

– The Reason “I Become a Female Architect”
Despite the growing number of female students in architecture schools, the phenomenon does not continue in the professional architecture world. The presumption on the reasons why range from the acclaimed inequitable nature of work attested by reports on pay gap and acknowledgment of female architects’ works–or lack thereof–to personal spatial and logical capabilities. Coverage on architecture work environment as seen from a female’s perspective has not been a prevalence yet the question remains existing: why do males outnumber females in the professional stage? As a practitioner, the speaker has the capability to talk over general and personal vision on the reasons behind the decision to stay and the works done to arise in a male-dominated industry.

– How to Identify Women’s Touch in Architecture
The role of women in architecture at a glance has brought an expectation of a novel sight, a different way of view which architecture could be created. It is proper that this strong idea root could contribute its strength to the design itself. However, the surprising perspective has not shown yet, pitifully remain blurred without any red line.

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