Public Lecture #08 – The Young Desire It!

Being young is one of the dreams of many people, even of many great architects before us. It’s based on the desire to reach the greatest achievement that is needed in one’s journey to be a great architect. It could be recognition to be famous, to be successful, to have great wealth in one’s career.

It’s about value of success of our society system. In the process, we might see the deeper layer, struggling for life, struggling for finding ideas, struggling for finding alignment of doing better works than yesterday. In architecture competition, one’s capacity is challenged; it is to do the best with or without expectation of win. Competition acts as a way to accommodate the need to be valued more than other people; it is about finding the best solution to answer the competition brief.

Or as a contemplation, maybe it’s just one way to face our small little twisted, competition to be recognized by our self.
Omah in collaboration with student union of Gunadarma University, gladly announce The Young and Desire It 2, one continuing event from the last year’s event Young Designer It 1. It’s an event to nourish, to celebrate, and to share the great talent of the youngsters in pursuing career to be an architect. We invite 4 admiring young restless spirit, who have had such great reputation in their young age. They are Antonius Richard, Raynaldo Thiodore, Titus Pandu, and Wisjdanama.

These talented individuals are renowned because of their willingness to learn, willingness to share, willingness to sacrifice their dream to be a better person. It’s one relaxing venue for fresh-graduates, students, or even senior architects, all people who dream to be young to discuss, to see, to learn about the spirit of the 4 remarkable youngsters. It’s not a one way presentation venue but it’s more like small discussions, a coaching event for students to enhance their knowledge about competition in architecture.

It’s all about sharing the possible answer of :
1. What is and How competition is needed as a way to achieve the best solution in design?
2. What is needed for preparing yourself to create good submission in architecture competition?
3. How to establish good understanding of entering one’s competition [is not a matter of winning or losing]?
4. Why competition is important for the youngsters? Or what is the benefit other than prize or recognition to maintain good design and develop spirituality other than ambition to be successful person?

Let’s hear it from the Youngs:

Titus Pandu Wismahaksi
Student of Atma Jaya Yogyakarta University. Presently he serves as an intern at Han Awal & Partners. He won and nominated in several national architecture competition such as PROPAN Design Awards 2013, Sinarmasland Young Architect Competition 2014, Provident Development Architect Competition 2014, AGF Competition 2014, and many more.

Reynaldo Theodore
Student of Parahyangan Catholic University. He won several national and international architecture competition such as Holcim International Award For Sustainable Construction 2014, Sinarmasland Young Architect Competition 2014, PROPAN Design Awards 2013, Sayembara Menara Tegalega IAI Competition, Nippon Paint Young Designer Award 2013 and many more. In 2013 He also achieved Kenya Hara Award for his work.

Antonius Richard Rusli
Graduated from Parahyangan Catolik University. Now, He works in WOHA Architect Singapore as an Architecture Designer. He won several national and international architecture competition such as
Holcim International Award For Sustainable Construction 2014, BCA-SIA International Tropical
Architecture Design Award 2014, Perancangan Kawasan Wisata Terpadu Gunung Padang IAI Competition, Graha Kebudayaan & Arkeologi Dataran Prambanan IAI Competition and many more.

Ardhyasa Fabrian Gusma : He is Graduated from
Gadjah Mada University. Now He take a postgraduate program in same place. He won several national and international architecture competition such as
Kumamoto Artpolis 2014 International Architectural Design Competition, FUTURARC PRIZE 2013, FUTURARC PRIZE 2015, Sayembara Penataan Kawasan Malioboro 2014 , Sayembara Penataan Taman Hutan Kota Babakan Siliwangi, Sayembara Desain RTNH Alun-Alun Kidul, Sayembara Desain Taman Monjari and many more.

The event will be located at OMAH: Taman Amarilis 15 – 17 at 1PM
(To go there together, let’s meet up at Pulau Ayer 2 no 1 Taman Permata Buana at 12PM)

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