Learning of the Master – Antoni Gaudi

“the fact that he preferred the helicoid and parabola to the circle, triangle and square and to plato’s sphere is the fact that shows precisely the difference between classical culture and modernist pathos and the tearing apart of a tradition, resulting in mutation and the origin of a new world of mankind.”

For the end of March 2015, OMAH kindly present one class for learning from the masters. Antonio Gaudi, architect with the blue eyes, is a visionary who devoted his life in his work of architecture, his sacrifice for his religion, his own belief in serving God as his client. Antonio Gaudi, his persona, his life, his organic style, fluid gesture of his work will be forever linked to Barcelona. His buildings have come to original work that was inspired from the nature and it became symbol of the city. This discussion will invite the participants to explore the visual richness of Gaudi’s creations, to explore his life as a visionary who lived in the middle of society of man, to understand his position in creating antecedent in history of Catalan, modern, moorish, gothic, rationalism, Baroque architecture and finding his organic architecture by looking at the nature. We are going to explore works by Gaudi such as his early works the interpretation of (Casa Vicens, El Capricho, Pavilions of the Guells Estate, Palau Guell, Theresan College, Episcopal Palace of Sstorga, Casa Botines) and his works in his period of maturity (such as Guell Bodegas, Casa Calvet, Casa figueras, Park Guell, Restoration of the Cathedral of Mallorca, Casa Battlo, Casa Milla, Crypt of Guell Industrial Village ) and definitely his final years that is basilica of the Sagrada Familia.

This class will be hosted by Realrich Sjarief, the principal of RAW.

We gladly welcome all of the restless spirits to join all the lectures and to exchange ideas and thoughts about the topics. This free short course will only provide 25 seats maximum [because of the limited space in one small building] ; Please kindly send email to omahlibrary.reservation@gmail.com for RSVP.

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