Brownbag #1 – A Journey To Zen; by Hardiyanto Agung & Hendrick Tanuwijaya

RAW in conjunction with OMAH gladly presents two casual venue: One spiritual journey by hendrick tanuwidjaja and one of the graduation show by Hardiyanto Agung.

Hendrick Tanuwidjaja did spiritual journey to Taipei in the beginning of 2015 to define zen in his life and his own interpretation. The word “Zen” is now a commercial and common name, especially in the design world. But a deep spiritual meaning underlies the word. He tried to understand its spirit and meaning of this spritual journey to Taipei, Taiwan. Becoming a temporary monk in Dharma Drum, he felt that Zen will reveals itself as a wonderful way of life. Zen teaches beginner’s mind unifying inner and outer world. The training of Zen reflected on the simplicity and “silent” space of the monastery. However Zen is more. Zen is about life and its presence on architecture and design across the world is undeniable.

Hardiyanto Agung did his final project titled “Jakarta Grand Theatre and Exhibition” to support and represents Indonesia wealth of art and culture due to lack of awareness of local cultures. The design was also an attempts to conserve and develop local arts and culture became the significance of the planning of Jakarta Grand Theatre andExhibition. The presentation will be followed by intense argumentation and discussion by the participants. Hendrick and Hardiyanto are two restless spirit who is working in RAW Architecture. Hendrick graduated from Petra Christian university Surabaya and Hardiyanto Agung graduated from Universitas Sebelas Maret Solo. The venue is one casual venue, initiated spontaneously in OMAH just few days before.

We invited students, fresh graduates to for one casual venue at OMAH. This event took place on Thursday, 26th of February 2015 from 18.30 – 19.00 at OMAH Architecture Library, Jl. Pulau Ayer 2 no.1, Jakarta, Indonesia

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