Learning From The Master: Rem Koolhas

“I like thinking big. I always have. To me its very simple: if you’re going to be thinking anyway, you might as well think big” – Rem Koolhaas at S, M, L, XL

As a Dutch-born who spent his childhood in the Netherlands and Indonesia, Koolhaas grew by witnessing contradictions that exist in the reality of our world. Later, he always embraces these contradictory forces in his view and attitudes toward architecture and the city. Becoming an individual who is never singular, always plural. Constantly opening himself to different influences, ideas, theories and activities. So when a journalist asks if he is a great Dutch architect, he concluded, “there is nothing Dutch about my architecture”.

But then, who is actually Rem Koolhaas? What made him as influential as he is right now? He once said, “nobody should be anything”. Because he proved it. He had various professions before later decided to pursue architecture. He never restricts himself to only one goal. Koolhaas was a writer, journalist, and a filmmaker, which skills later help him to develop his perspective on architecture; and deliver his view to in and outside architecture community. In a provoking way.

Definitely this is only one side of Koolhaas. More aspects are being summarized further in this documentary made by Markus Heidingfelder and Min Tesch. REM KOOLHAAS: A KIND OF ARCHITECT is an engaging portrait of the person who has pushed the perspective on city and architecture to a new level. Definitely a must-see to understand the hard work and the ingenuity of this visionary man.