Public Lecture #02 – Drawing In The Age Of BIM

As David Ross Scheer puts it in the Death of Drawing: Architecture in the Age of Simulation, for the first time in 500 years of architecture practice, we are facing a big shift in this profession due to the viral impact caused by the BIM. With these things going on -: architects focusing on the hastiness of the world’s demand, pertaining to take advantage of the tools available at best, and tending to be at the top of the leader board in world trend,- the craft of drawing, used to be known as the hallmark of architects, is now overshadowed. But even so, the question of ‘so what about that?’ doesn’t occur so much among us, architects and architecture students.


This lecture aims to resurrect our awareness of the importance of drawing and our self-criticism about the contemporary issue we’re facing by answering these following questions:

  1.      How did the practice of drawing change architect as a profession? (Or even prior to that, how and why did this profession actually first occur?)
  2.      How does architecture practice nowadays change our perception of drawing?

We, in the end, invite you to discuss whether or not we still need drawing.

in addition with fernisia’s lecture, we will do tele conference with Scott Valentine, an architect who currently is working for WATG. The teleconference is  to help us understand the limitation and the opportunity design using BIM.

This event is a colaboration wih UPH Architecture


Speaker’s Background:

About Fernisia Richtia Winnerdy

Fernisia is one of the creative people of OMAH, who is currently also a member of the teaching team in Architecture Basic Design Studio in UPH Architecture, School of Design. She had been an intern in Sonny Sutanto Architect and graduated from UPH in 2012 before then involving in Monokroma architect, a firm based in Karawaci. She is also one of the curators of UPH Architecture 3rd Triannale Exhibition.

The discussion will be held at RAW Office at 9.30 am [starting at 10.00 AM sharp] on Saturday, January 17th 2015. The introduction will be followed by open discussion among participants.

Please kindly reserve your place at as soon as possible (seats are limited to 25 people) Thanks and see you!

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